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花をかざろう2 -秋のクインテットー 2012.10.6(土)~10.8(月)

岩本栄子 浦澤恵子 金谷祥子 多賀愛子 牧野君江

10月6日、7日、8日  12:00~19:00 最終日は17:00まで

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Hello, KL…Pam featured my Rustoleum cabinet project in one of her first articles about it, after she visited the factory. About the oil-based enamel, I would advise you to give it a good scrubbing with TSP before you use the deglosser provided in the kit. Then just follow the rest of the directions exactly. I had thick, awful white latex paint on my cabinets, which was easy to degloss with the Rustoleum product. I didn’t realize that the paint underneath the white was oil-based enamel until the latex paint layer started peeling off in strips! I had to completely peel a couple of cabinets and then degloss them. TSP has always been the answer for applying water-based paints over enamel. Good luck!
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Michaela, He has some good points, but I don’t think the 2 handed swing is “bad” for the reasons he states. Shoulder forward rotation will occur with *any* lifting that involves 2 hands and it’s more likely that you will lift something heavy with 2 hands. Also, his point about the width of the stance is not as big a deal either. Some people’s glutes will actually fire a little better when they flare their feet out or have a wider stance.
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