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くるみギャラリー 企画展示「春の食卓」一日食堂のお知らせ

IMG_0001 - コピー.jpg3月31日(土)~4月8日(日)の展示「春の食卓~料理と器を楽しむ時間」の中で、一日だけ、ギャラリーでお食事ができるイベントを開催します。出品作家の手作りの器に、上野ひとみさんのお料理を盛り付けお出しします。時間、定員などは下記の通りです。

・一の席 11:30~
 雑穀おむすび、野菜のおかず5品 京のほうじ茶   1500円 6名
・二の席 13:00~
 雑穀おむすび、野菜のおかず5品 京のほうじ茶   1500円 6名
・夕の席 17:00~
 雑穀おむすび、野菜のおかず6品 ワイン、ビール、ほうじ茶の中から一品 2000円 6名

くるみギャラリー  電話 042・312・2963       メール

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by 海賊版DVD (2012-08-07 02:54) 

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I never really planned to teach piano. However, some friends approached me and asked if I would be willing to teach their grandson (whom they are raising). He has pretty severe ADHD. I was his Webelos Den Leader, and he went to the same bus stop that my daughter did, so he was already comfortable with me, and they thought that was the only way it would work for him. They said he had expressed some interest in trying, but they warned me that he often loses interest quickly, and they’ve found it’s best to just back off when that happens. I’ve had to stretch myself to find new things all the time to keep him excited and interested, which isn’t always easy. However, it’s amazing to me how far he’s come! He’s got such natural talent, and I’m so glad he’s stuck with it for this long (almost 3 years now)! We used to have times during Cub Scouts that he would just shut down, and there was nothing that anyone could do to bring him out of it. We’ve never had that happen during a piano lesson. It’s really been fun to see him progress so much. It’s especially fun when he gets excited about a particular song or activity.
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